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Church Vision

1. To Preach And Teach  the Gospel one verse at a time.

Teach biblical doctrines, so that every believer would know what they should believe concerning God, and the church.

Teach Biblical principles to ensure each believer knows how to apply these godly teaching to there daily lives. 


2. To Disciple men, women and Children Jesus wanted us to continue what he started after he left, that is to train men to be a living witnesses as a result of the sacrifice done on the cross, and his ressurection power.


The Ministry Goals 

To be a lighthouse in our community , to provide spiritual covering to those that need it most.

To reach our next generation with the Gospel first , then help give them a support in their education ,preparing them for the workforce and family life , building / structure 

To provide a subside of groceries and clothing to help those that have lack and those that have fallen to hard times.

Purpose Statement and Core Values


Everything we do at Praying Partners International Ministry comes from our mission.


Our Core Values

  • Biblical Preaching:  2 Tim 3:16

  • Relationships:  Mat 22:36-40

  • Giving:  2 Cor 9:7

  • Prayer:  Phil 4:6

  • Discipleship:  Mat 28:20

  • Evangelism:  Mark 16:15, 1 Peter 3:15


We exist to inspire life, share life and give life because Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

At Praying Partners we encourage a full life by: Inspiring adults and children on their spiritual journeys through relevant, fun and engaging teaching and worship.

Sharing life together through small groups and serving opportunities. Giving ourselves away through compassion projects in our neighborhood and around the world. 

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